...we are asked again and again

so we want to tell you a little bit about it here: The organization team votes on this every time.
In addition to the musical ability of the bands, attention is paid to balance over the fan meeting weekend, both in terms of song selection and the relationship between the Bon era and the Brian era.

We have a list of over 100 (in words: hundred) national and international AC/DC tribute bands that we consult for advice. We also watch video clips or, if possible, get an impression of the bands at live performances. Jürgen Spiegel, a member of the organizational team from the very beginning, who is often on the road as a "talent scout", so to speak, plays a key role here. Here we have some photos from one of his recent trips to the "Mission AC/DC Fan Meeting" for the Highway to Hell Fest in Blackpool/England. At previous fan meetings we had several bands that were "discovered" by Jürgen.

If AC/DC tribute bands are reading this, please apply to be added to the list. Information about the band, show and set list and ideally video links are important.