We recently announced that you can rummage through the "bottom drawers"

A fan contest is planned for the Saturday of the fan meeting - show us your oldest AC/DC T-shirt! AC/DC will be 50 at the turn of the year - it probably won't be quite that old. Nevertheless: Do you still have noble clothes from the early 1980s or older in your inventory? Then bring it with you to Celle - ideally with "proof" such as proof of purchase, concert ticket, photos, or whatever. If there is nothing left, we can definitely turn a blind eye again. Shirts of the "own production" brand can of course also be included in the race. Those who still like it will get bonus points from the jury on Saturday! If it no longer fits like a glove, then just be creative and use clothespins or a ratchet strap so that nothing slips and looks "tailor-made". It doesn't matter whether it's washed out, rancid, moth-eaten, or whether it's never seen the inside of a washing machine - what's important is that you have the thing with you and we'll turn the stage into a fun catwalk for fans on Saturday from around 6:30 p.m the AC/DC community: Who needs haute couture or fashionable frills when you've tailored the shirt with your own history and the right "patina" ;-)

Of course there is also something to win in this fan contest!

(The organization team will then call you on site to register)