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Save the date : October 13th  14, 2017

The next International AC/DC Fan Meeting will take place on October 13th/14th in Geiselwind.  Make sure to book your hotel room soon.

Stay tuned to our website or to facebook. We will keep you up to date regarding ticket sales, bands and other cruical informations.

Signing session with Mark Evans: pictures!


The pictures of the signing session with Mark Evans are ready. However, we won't offer a general download but will hand them over individually.
So if you think that a picture of you was taken but you have not recieved an informational mail or facebook message yet, so get in contact with Timm (Stonebreaker).

Send an E-Mail to tn (ätt) and add a small picture of you. Timm is going to check his picture pool and will get back to you.



What a phantastic weekend: BIG BALLS, WHOLE LOTTA VOLTAGE and LIVE/WIRE performed four decades of High Voltage Rock'n'Roll - highlighted by MARK EVANS on stage and in the middle of the crowd, as well as such an eye candy like DIANA BASTET with her magnificent performance - and last but not least: all of you maniacs from around the world bringing the AC/DC heartbeat to Geiselwind for these two days!

Raffle main prize for 2016!


Once more we will have a huge raffle with loads of great AC/DC prizes. This time our main prize will be something absolutely unique: made by Frank Schröder, you can win a wooden AC/DC table. The best of it: it will be signed by Mark Evans live on stage!

So look out for our raffle ticket vendors (and fairies ...) who will sell raflle tickets throughout Friday and Saturday!

Photobook'2014 ready for ordering!


The photobook of the 2014 Fan Meeting can be ordered now for 34 EUR (plus shipping or free pick up in Geiselwind). Place your order and payment until September 29th at latest. Send an e-mail to Timm

For a preview check this link:

Opens external link in new window

Photobook 2014 - order until September 29th (34 EUR plus shipping).

Shirts order end on 09/15/2016


Hurry up. The possibility to order shirst for the 6th international AC/DC Fanmeeting ends on 15/09/2016.

You can order shirts (also without ordering tickets) here: Tickets & Shirts

AC DC Record & Collectors Fair


High Folks

in just 6 weeks our AC DC party starts again.

On saturday (Oct. 15) we again have a record & collectors fair in Geiselwind.

Because we have some space left you can order some "meters" for selling your stuff. If you have some AC/DC stuff (or Motorhead, Rose Tattoo & co) for sale you can contact us.

Check this section: Record & Collectors Fair

Early Bird until July 31st!

Early bird tickets will be available until July 31st. Grab your weekend pass at 23 EUR now!


Opens internal link in current windowTickets



…just about a quarter year until the first guitar riffs will open the international AC/DC fan meeting – Vol.6 – in the MusicHall Geiselwind, Germany!
The stage program is not that bad ...: BIG BALLS belong to the top acts in Germany’s tribute band circle – and a stiff breeze of internationality is guaranteed by WHOLE LOTTA VOLTAGE from Ireland, LIVE/WIRE from England and – last but not least – directly from Australia – MARK EVANS himself: fellow of Bon Scott in the early AC/DC era:

Get your weekend tickets for an inexpensive early bird price until July 31st!

Opens external link in new windowTicket presale at “Event center” in Geiselwind (insured shipping)

Opens external link in new windowTicket presale via fan meeting website (non-insured shipping):



Mark Evans invites to the 2016 Fan Meeting


Mark Evans will travel all the way from Australia to Geiselwind in order to take part in this year's Fan Meeting. We have met him earlier this year at the bonfest in Kirrimuier wher he left us a short video message.


Presentation of the statue project in Geiselwind, 2012



Finally you did it! Congratulations to our friends in Bon's home town Kirriemuir / Scotland!
During the 10th Bonfest April 29 to May 1 the Bon Scott statue is going to be unveiled and from this day Kirriemuir will pay a bronze tribute to this remarkable son of the town.

During AC/DC Fan meeting 2012 the idea for a statue was initially presented and the kick-off for collecting money from fans and supporters was done with a simple plastic bucket. Kirriemuir, you hit the goal with a phantastic result: Have a great Bonfest-weekend!!
See you in Geiselwind in October - slàinte mhath!

To Bon!

Opens external link in new window

Opens external link in new window

Get your ticket for the 2016 Fan Meeting!
Mark Evans

Special Guest: MARK EVANS!


It's a long way to the top (If you wanna Rock'n'Roll)
Anyone here who doesn't know the video clip? 40 years ago a truck was on it's way through Melbourne's Swanston Street - having a special kind of "load" on its platform: Bon, Angus, Malcolm, Phil - and Mark Evans on bass.
Five years have passed since Mark recorded an exclusive video clip with greetings to the fans at the AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind. This year a dream is finally going to become true: Mark Evans will be in Geiselwind!

This veteran from the early AC/DC years with Bon Scott - immortalized in the first 4 albums up to "Let There Be Rock" and to be seen on stage during legendary tours like "Lock Up Your Daughters", "A Giant Dose Of Rock And Roll" and "Let There Be rock" - will make his way around the world directly from Australia to Geiselwind!

Be assured that he is not only going to sign autographs and pose for photos - you will definitely experience him live on stage at the Music Hall!

Opens external link in new window Tickets for the Fan Meeting (2-day pass = 23 €)

Opens external link in new windowMark Evans Website

Opens external link in new windowMark at Facebook

Tickets on sale


About half a year until doors will open for the "International AC/DC Fan Meeting vol.6" in Geiselwind: BIG BALLS from Germany on Fiday and the international guests WHOLE LOTTA VOLTAGE from Ireland and LIVE/WIRE from England are gonna fling you the riffs of more than four decades of High Voltage Rock’n’Roll.
A two-day pass as well as single tickets for Friday’s and Saturday’s shows are available for ordering now. T-shirts can be preordered as well (they will only be available by preoder; no shirt-sales in Geiselwind).
Ticket presale for international orders is handled by the “Event center” in Geiselwind (insured shipping):
Opens external link in new window
You can place your ticket orders from now on – shipping will be later as soon as the tickets are printed. T-shirts will be delivered in Geiselwind.
Inflation doesn’t stop for AC/DC fans. Thus we were forced to raise the ticket prices for first time since we started in 2010 – nonetheless with a moderate increase, because the aim of the organization team is not "Moneytalks" but just to cover the costs: From fans – to fans!

LIVE/WIRE from England

We salute you Geiselwind, we salute you!!!

Once more iIt'll be extremely international at the AC/DC Fan Meeting - not only because of the fan family travelling from Norway, Scotland, Russia, Italy, France, Belgium and many other countries to Geiselwind. Internationality will also hit our stage: Live/Wire The AC/DC show from Britain thrilled the audience at the Bon-Fest in Kirriemuir/Scotland with their powerful show several times.
This year they will have their premiere gig in Geiselwind - and two (!) vocalists will represent the AC/DC eras Bon Scott (Gary) and Brian Johnson (Pete). Right from the start up to a  fulminating finale. You already know the words: "We salute you Geiselwind ..." !!
Opens external link in new window
Opens external link in new window


Let's celebrate St. Patrick's Day with "Whole Lotta Voltage"

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day and thus national holiday in Ireland. Well, let's celebrate this with the Irish and use this occasion to announce the next live act of the International AC/DC Fan Meeting - for the very first time a band from Ireland will enter the stage in Geiselwind: Whole Lotta Voltage from Dublin may squeeze guitar riffs of four decades of high voltage Rock'n'Roll into your ears on Saturday!
The newspaper "Wicklow People" wrote: "A first-rate tribute act - a eulogistic and respectful power  smack to the wrinkled balls of the real AC/DC ". What we have seen and heard during the band selection, also sounds promising: Welcome to Geiselwind, Whole Lotta Voltage!!
Opens external link in new
Opens external link in new

BIG Balls from Germany

But we've got the biggest balls of them all!

Okay, let's put this "glitter stuff and frills" aside. You will look in vain for a school uniform, cannons or bell - and the singer's haircut rather seems to copy the current drummer - similarity to Bon Scott? None!

Maybe a mislead: For decades Big Balls from Germany let detonate a giant load of energy from Bon Scott era on the stages of the world.

Straightforward constant Rock'n'Roll with balls: Big Balls precisely. This year Friday will be their day in Geiselwind. Any questions?

Big Balls - Friday, October 14th, 2016 MusicHall Geiselwind, Germany

Opens external link in new window

Opens external link in new window


Just a few days to go until the RoB-tour kicks off in Arnhem. Of course we will join the tour all over the world. You will surely meet some of the crazy German fans at almost every venue on this globe. And make sure to grab one of our flyers that we will be carrying with us!

OCTOBER 14/15, 2016


Chris Slade, live/wire & "Arnie" - BIG GUN


There has been a lot of talk about AC/DC's new drummer who will supposably be replacing Phil Rudd due to his drug and legal problems. Well, rumors go that Chris Slade might be the "new" guy in town ...
Last October Chris joined live/wire from Switzerland for a thrilling set of 5 songs at the International AC/DC Fan Meeting in Geiselwind. Here is a cut of "Big Gun"! Make sure to check out our special guest "Arnie" ... ;-)

Fan videos of the 2014 Fan Meeting!


This year our film crew recorded the festival with 4 hd cams. Since it will take a little while until the material has been cut we have a bunch of brilliant fan videos for you:


live/wire feat. Chris Slade


- Go Down

- Little Lover

- Gone Shootin'

- Thunderstruck

- Highway to Hell

- Highway to Hell, Thunderstruck & Ballbreaker

- Rock'n'Roll Singer

- Riff Raff

- Highway to Hell

Chris Slade autograph session & greetings

Videos by Atze Datzeacdcbonpsplattenkeller-radioDave Kaufhold

Chris Slade autograph session - part I, II & III


All pictures of the Chris Slade autograph session are now available online. To open the picture galleries just klick on one of the thumbnails below:



Picture gallery part I
Picture gallery part II
Picture gallery part III



THANKS to all of you that made this past weekend absolutely extraordinary and fucking crazy: the fans from all over the world, Chris Slade, BON, live/wire, Buon Scotch, Manfred Strohofer and his team, our video crew, Speedy, Dave and his Karaoke show, Geli and Eva for their raffle efforts, Radio Bob, Der Plattenkeller, Würzburg Radio und noch viele mehr ...

You can find a crowing set of pictures here: photo gallery



We strongly support this idea of André and some other German fans. Let's make it happen. Let's start in GEISELWIND ....



Raise Your Flag in Geiselwind!

Raise Your Flag in GW!


Once more fans from all over the world will pilgrimage to "Rock City" Geiselwind in order to celebrate two days of raw Rock'n'Roll. We are looking forward to host guests from Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Scottland, England, Russia, Norway and many more countries!

You are all welcome to "Raise Your Flag" at the MusicHall's balustrade!

(Please: no XXL flags ... )

Photobook: Geiselwind 2013 ready to order!

Photobook 2013 ready to order!


Timm  has just finished his work on the 2013 photobook. On 40 pages it displays about 430 pictures covering 2 days of pure Rock'n Roll. 10 photographers contributed with their pictures!

If you want to pick up a copy in Geiselwind you have to order quickly since only preordered copies will be available.

The price is 37 EUR. Shipping costs will go seperately if there is no pick up in Geiselwind.

Send an e-mail to Timm who will send you the banking details in return: Opens window for sending emailinfo (ätt)

Festival t-shirt 2014!

Deadline for t-shirts!


Take your chance and order your Geiselwind 2014 t-shirt until Monday, September 15th (for pickup in GW only!). After that we will have the shirts produced. There won't be any spare shirts on sale in Geiselwind, so make sure to get one in advance!

Price: 20 EUR (or 45 EUR including weekend pass)
Bestellung über:

Opens external link in new windowjust t-shirts (20 EUR + shirt voucher , Strohofer Ticketshop)
Opens internal link in current windowt-shirt and ticket (45 EUR + ticket shipping: Fantreffen Website)

Record & Collectors fair


On Saturday 18th, 2014 the AC/DC Fan Meeting will host a huge record and collectors fair. Space for sales boothes are still available. If you are interested in offering any kind of AC/DC collector items then book your space with Jörg:
Prices: private sellers 5 EUR/m, commercial sellers 10 EUR/m
For more information: fair

Are you YOUNG enough for Geiselwind 2014?

YOUNG talents wanted!


Are you YOUNG enough for Geiselwind 2014?
At the last AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind, the small "tradition" has started that the live programme on stage was opened by a young talent: Alexa "Little Miss Angus" Tannert (  and Nick Young ( showed how much Rock’n’Roll the young generation has got in its blood.

For the" jubilee" - Geiselwind Vol.5 2014, we are again looking for a young Rock’n’Roll talent who will properly kick off the meeting on Friday evening.

If your fingers are itching when you imagine playing the guitar for the European AC/DC fan community and playing your riffs for about 5-10 minutes, to add to the ones that will be heard the whole weekend, you should quickly get in touch with Melanie via e-mail: young (ätt)

Please no bands - We are looking for young solo artists, a maximum of two and no older than twenty: "The more YOUNG, the better!" ;-)

Applications by mail: young (ätt)

CHRIS SLADE live on stage in Geiselwind 2014!

Chris Slade in Geiselwind!


The International AC/DC Fan Meeting proudly presents: CHRIS SLADE live on stage in Geiselwind on October 18th 2014!
Chris will join "live/wire" from Switzerland and perform some of his greatest AC/DC hits. Of course he will be available for an extensive autograph and picture session!

Get your ticket and festival t-shirt at:

Opens internal link in current

Mr. Thunderstruck: Chris Slade live in GW 2014!

+++ TOP NEWS +++


Chris Slade, Mr. Thunderstruck himself, will be performing live in Geiselwind this year! More infos soon to follow ...
Take chance of our early bird tickets with reduced prices until July 31st: http://

The organizational team 2014 is looking forward to you!

Just 3 more months!


We're looking forward to BON (Germany), live/wire (Switzerland) and Buon Scotch (Italy) - and of course everything revolving around AC/DC on both days!
Remember: Weekend tickets for special pre-sale price of 20 EUR (plus shipping) are available for some more days until end of July.
More informatione for one-day-tickets, T-Shirt, getting there and places to stay overnights are to be found on this website.

Let there be rock!

DVD: "Best of Geiselwind 2013"

DVD: Best of Geiselwind 2013


The DVD with all highlights of last year's fan meeting has been finished and is now available to order for just 10,00 EUR (+ shipping).

Make sure to have this master piece at home. It covers all concert highlights of FA/KE, Easy Dizzy, and Buon Scotch in excellent sound quality. Of course you will find plenty of film material about the fan meeting itself, the fans, the fair, the opening act of Nick Young, the AC/DC body painting, the strip show and much more ...

Please place your order with Michael Massow
Order: 10 EUR + shipping
E-Mail: micha666333 (ätt)

Video: Highlights of Geiselwind 2013!


Andi and his filmcrew has finished their work on the video material of Geiselwind 2013. Check out their awesome clip with all the highlights of last years's International AC/DC Fan Meeting!

Ticket pre-sale has started!

The ticket pre sale for "Geiselwind Vol. 5" has just started! Weekend tickets for the 2014 International AC/DC Fan Meeting are available at the special pre-sale price of 20 EUR (plus shipping). Get your ticket as quickly as possible and make sure to reserve a hotel room as well!

Opens external link in new windowticket order (2-day pass: 20 € plus shipping)

You can also place your T-shirt order. The shirt design will be announced soon (shirts have to be picked up in Geilselwind).

Opens external link in new windowT-shirt order (20 €)

If you want blood ... das offizielle Poster 2014!


Buon Scotch from Mantua, Italy

Buon Scotch from Italy!


Flashback to Geiselwind 2013: hardcore fans are standing in front of the stage, trembling knees and tears in their eyes. Did they just wittness the ressurection of Bon Scott?
Well, probably as close as it can get? Reason enough for us to bring Buon Scotch from Italy back on stage in Geiselwind on October 18, 2014!

Opens external link in new window
YouTube: Opens external link in new windowDog eat Dog & High Voltage

live/wire - a Swiss Tribute to AC/DC

live/wire from Switzerland


We are happy to announce the second band for this year's International AC/DC Fan Meeting in Geiselwind, Germany: live/wire from Switzerland!
These guys will hammer out an awesome set of Brian songs! Something to really look forward too!

Website: Opens external link in new window

BON - The AC/DC Show (Berlin)

BON opening act GW 2014!


We proudly present "BON - The AC/DC Show" from Berlin as the opening act of the International AC/DC Fan Meeting in Geiselwind.

The internationally well known band will honour the festival's 5th anniversary with a very special show that has never been performed before! So stay tuned for more information.

Website: Opens external link in new window

YouTube: Opens external link in new windowRiff Raff, Geiselwind 2011

Photobook 2013 - pictures wanted!


Soon we'll start working on this year's photobook. Therefore we are looking for further pictures of the fans, the bands, your trip to and from Geiselwind and everything else that made this October weekend special!

Whoever would like to contribute to the book please contact Timm at Opens window for sending emailinfo (ätt)

Pictures should then be shared by Dropbox, Wetransfer or other comparable download services.

The book will be published in early 2014. We will keep you informed about the date, prices and shipping.

Alf vom WÜRZBURG RADIO in Aktion

Radiointerviews online


For the first time, the Geiselwind Fan Meeting was covered by a radio station (Würzburg Radio). Check out all the interviews with fans, musicians and members of the organizational team (interview in German):

Opens external link in new window

First video clips available on YouTube!


While our film crew is screening about 1 Terra Byte of last weekend's material we have the first video coverage available. Dynamite Fan Club member Heiko (aka Atze Datze) has published some awesome files on YouTube. Check them out!


Easy Dizzy:


- Beating Around the Bush

- Cold Hearted Man

It's a Long Way to the Top

- Fire Your Guns

- Stiff Upper Lip

- Come and Get it

- Boogie Man

- Let's Get it Up

- Girls Got Rhythm & Sin City

- Bad Boy Boogie

- Can I Sit Next To You Girl & Riff Raff

- Dog Eat Dog & High Voltage

- Baby Please Don't Go

Videos by Atze Datze

Picture gallery is online


The first pictures are online. We will update our facebook picture gallery continuously in the cause of the next days. Make sure to take a closer look.

Opens external link in new windowpicture gallery (facebook)

Melanie and 2x FY-Hubert ...
Frangus of FA/KE in guitar action ...



What a weekend! Thanks to the fans that travelled from all over Europe to Geiselwind to help make our festival so unique. It was unbelievable. Pure Rock'n Roll!!!

Thanks to our three fantastic bands: FA/KE, Easy Dizzy and Buon Scotch!

And a very special thank you goes out to all the people who organized and supported the festival! IT WAS JUST AWESOME!!!!

3 Bands and many specials!


Check out our festival program: Opens internal link in current windowall details!

FA/KE: 10/18/2013 - 9.30 pm
EASY DIZZY: 0/19/2013 - 8 pm
BUON SCOTCH: 10/19/2013 - 11 pm
Easy Dizzy at Frankfurt airport

The Russians are here!


Easy Dizzy just arrived at Frankfurt airport. Now they are on their way to Geiselwind by bus shuttle transfer ...

To all of our fans and to Buon Scotch and FA/KE: have a safe trip and see you soon!

List of all songs performed in Geiselwind


Are you a fan of statistics? Then check out this list with all the songs that have been performed in Geiselwind from 2010 to 2012. You will find some rarely played stuff!
Anyway: FA/KE, Easy Dizzy and Buon Scotch coordinated their setlists for this year. Thus you can be sure to listen to some specials of AC/DC's song history!

> Songlist 2010 - 2012 (PDF)

Fan pictures wanted!


As we did in 2011 we are going to publish a photo book of this year's festival. It is intended to include many shots taken by you: the fans. So have your camera ready and make pictures of your festival preparations, your voyage to Geiselwind and every other moment that will make the fan meeting special.

I will inform you how to contribute your pictures later on.

Jens picking up the Scottish gang at the hotel.

Fanshuttle Service in 2013


We will offer a special shuttle service for the transfer from the train station "Mark Bibart" to Geiselwind. If you need a ride just get in contact with Jens in advance:

Jens Neuland: Opens window for sending emailjens.neuland (ätt)

You will find a selection of various train connections to the railway stations that are closest to Geiselwind. Check out this PDF. If you are looking for information in English or other languages go to the website of the German railway (

Information on public transportation (PDF, 350 kB)

Opens internal link in current windowFurther information for travelling to Geiselwind by car, plane and train



Chris and Jürgen with the 2012 photobook

Photobook orders


Chris Slade has already got one! So if you would like to have your own copy of the 2012 edition of the Geiselwind photobook make sure to place your order by September 20th: 44 pages, 300 pictures by 18 photographers!
Price: 39 EUR and pick up in Geiselwind

Opens external link in new windowDownload for preview

Place your order by sending a mail to Timm (info (ätt)

Raise your Flag in 2013!


It has become a great tradition: fans from all over Germany, Europe and the world raise their flag in Geiselwind! So come on and bring something special along to celebrate 40 years of AC/DC. Believe us: we are working on a special surprise ourselves that will be hard to beat ...!

On the Highway to Geiselwind with AC/DC Austria!


Stefan, founder of AC/DC Austria, is organising a bus trip from Vienna, Austria to Geiselwind. If you want to join his gang, just contact "Stöffl" at acdcaustria (ätt)
Price per person for the round trip without/incl. weekend pass: 70,-/95,- € (hotel not included).

Application with Stefan "Stöffl": Opens window for sending emailacdcaustria (ätt), (



We Want new Cover

Versions !!!


During the past four decades AC/DC provided various album covers. That's the point to start a photo contest at the anniversary phan meeting: Cover the covers for Geiselwind !!!
Send us photos of creative "reconstructions" of AC/DC album covers (official albums or single releases) - all entries will be at the fan meeting and the best will receive a prize!

Opens internal link in current windowCheck out all details ...

Preorder your t-shirt


Marco has finished his work on this year's festival shirt design. Have a look and place your order (20 EUR): 

Preorder (20 EUR):

Opens external link in new window

Weekend pass + shirt (40 EUR):

Opens external link in new window

"Autsch Tattoo" in GW!


We are happy to announce that Martin and Gregor of "Autsch Tattoo Studios" will join us at this year's fan meeting ( "Autsch Tattoo" has proven to be top notch concerning AC/DC motifs. Best recommendation: Melanie Pfeuffer won last year's contest thanks to some really amazing tattoos stitched by the team from Karlstadt am Main!
So if you would like to get your first tattoo or add some to your private collection you will have plenty of chances in Geiselwind. "Autsch Tattoo" will be available throughout Friday and Saturday.

Make your reservation directly with Autsch Tattoo:

Opens window for sending emailinfo (ätt)

Record and collectors fair


On Saturday 19th, 2013 the AC/DC Fan Meeting will host a huge record and collectors fair. Space for sales boothes are still available. If you are interested in offering any kind of AC/DC collector items then book your space with Jörg: AC-DC-Joerg (ätt)
Prices: private sellers 5 EUR/m, commercial sellers 10 EUR/m

Opens internal link in current windowcheck for more information

FA/KE from Fulda, Germany

FA/KE trimming setlist!


Just a few monthes until the 4th International AC/DC Fan Meeting will open its doors in Geiselwind. Our German participants "FA/KE" from Fulda are working on their special setlist to celebrate 40 years of AC/DC. We already had a glimpse on their choices and we can promise you: it's gonna be extraordinary!

Take chance of our early bird prices till July 31st and buy your weekend pass for just 20 EUR:

Opens internal link in current windowticket pre-sale

DVD: Best of Geiselwind 2012!


The DVD with all video highlights of the 2012 fan meeting is now available for just 10 EUR (plus shipping). Send an e-mail order to Michael Massow!
This DVD is packed with great moments of the unforgettable weekend in last October: the live appearances of SPELL/BOUND, BON and AC/DX. as well as Little Miss Angus, AC/DC Bodypainting, the Strip Show and most important: FANS, FANS, FANS!

DVD: front and back cover
DVD: packaging

Video competition 2013 – appeal to all fans!


As a special treat for all attendees of the upcoming fan meeting we are going to conduct an AC/DC video competition. Any hobby filmers and occasional actors are asked to get creative create a wicked AC/DC fan clip.

What we would like to see are AC/DC video clips up to 5 minutes that present an AC/DC song in a fancy way.
Some time ago, AC/DC fan Fred Temps gave prove ... Opens internal link in current windowcheck for details

Bonfest and Fancamp!


To all of you who will be visiting the Bonfest in Kirriemuir/Scotland and the AC/DC-Fancamp in Leer: have a lot of fun, let it rock and we hope to see each other in about half a year healthy and lucky in Geiselwind!

Opens external link in new windowBon-Fest, Kirriemuir, 4.-5. May 2013

Opens external link in new windowAC/DC Fancamp, Leer, 9.-12. May 2013

Video: highlights of 2012 now on YouTube


Geiselwind 2012: fans, fans, fans, AC/DC body painting, strip show, collectors fair, AC/DC beer and three fabulous live bands: SPELL/BOUND, BON and AC/DX.!
It's all in our brand new highlight video of last year's fan meeting. Check it out, share the video with your friends and get ready for 2013 to celebrate 40 YEARS OF AC/DC with fans from all over the world!!!

Message from Buon Scotch, Italy



Last weekend Jürgen Spiegel went on a trip to Italy in order to attend the AC/DC Tribute Night in Mantova. There he met Buon Scotch, our opening band for October 19, 2013. Jürgen was more than impressed by their performance and brought back a video message by the band.

Alexey, Chris Slade & wife, Serg Smit

AC/DC F.C. Russia and


in Lüdenscheid


Just two weeks ago we had the pleasure to meet Alexey, founder of the newly formed "AC/DC Fan Club Russia" as well as Serg Smit, drummer of the Russian band EASY/DIZZY in Lüdenscheid. They really made a big effort to attend the DYNAMITE Party! And it was great making plans with Serg, who is really looking forward to play at this years's fan meeting in Geiselwind.
On top of it all, they were accompanied by Chris Slade and his wife. This was really an outstanding evening!

 Opens external link in new windowPicture gallery by "Stonebreaker"
 Opens external link in new windowVideo on YouTube


Ticket sale has started!

The ticket pre sale has just started! Weekend tickets for the 2013 Fan Meeting in Geiselwind are available at the special pre-sale price of 20 EUR (plus shipping). Get your ticket as quickly as possible and make sure to reserve a hotel room as well!

Opens external link in new windowticket order (2-day pass: 20 € plus shipping)

You can also place your T-shirt order. The shirt design will be announced soon (shirts have to be picket up in Geilselwind).

Opens external link in new windowT-shirt order (20 €)

The official 2013 poster!


Band #3: EASY/DIZZY - Russia!


"The Russians are coming!"

When we grew up during the times of the Cold War this slogan would frighten any kid in (Western) Germany. How times have changed!
The entire organization team of the International AC/DC Fan Meeting 2013 is absolutely proud to announce that EASY DIZZY from Moscow will complete this year's festival line up!!! They will hit the stage on Saturday, October 19th and we are sure that EASY DIZZY is going to set the venue on fire!
By the way: Chris Slade, AC/DC's drummer during the 90's (Thunderstruck, Big Gun), just gave an extensive interview on Russian TV, praising the musical quality of the band.

EASY/DIZZY on the internet:
Opens external link in new windowWebsite
Opens external link in new windowYouTube: Shoot to Thrill - Thunderstruck (with Chris Slade)
Opens external link in new windowInterview mit Chris Slade
Opens external link in new windowFacebook

Band #2: BUON SCOTCH from Italy!


We are more than happy to announce this year's second act of the International AC/DC Fan Meeting (Oct., 19th 2013): BUON SCOTCH, travelling all the way from Italy across the Alps to Germany!
This crazy lot has already prooven at the 2012 Bonfest in Kirriemuir that they are among the best Bon Scott style AC/DC bands around. In 2013 they will have the opportunity to show their passion to the audience in Geiselwind (by the way: they will co-headline the Bonfest 2013 once more!).

Opens external link in new windowBUON SCOTCH on Facebook
Opens external link in new windowBUON SCOTCH at YouTube (Live Wire)

Band #1: FA/KE from Germany!


The International Fan Meeting in Geiselwind will be kicked off by FA/KE on October 18, 2013. FA/KE had already been on the bill for 2012. Unfortunately the band had to cancel their appearance due to illness of their frontman. This year they will get a second chance and they are more than willing to perform a hell of a show!
By the way, thinking of their setlist proposal: just unbelievable!

FA/KE on the internet:

Opens external link in new window
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Line up for Geiselwind 2013!


Almost 30 applications had been reviewed. Many discussion had to be held. Contracts had to bee aranged with the bands. But now the decision about the lineup for this year's International Fan Meeting in Geiselwind can finally be made public. And believe us: this time it is going to be a more international weekend than ever!
Within the next 3 days we will publish each day around noon one of the band's name! So stay tuned to our website and to our Facebook fan page!

(c) "Welcome to HELL"

21 gun salutes!


21... not "gun salutes" this time - it's the sum of answers we got from AC/DC-tribute- and -coverbands from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic and even the USA until now!
Application phase will continue till end of December - in early 2013 the line-up for the next fan meeting in October will be chosen.
A big thank you to all the bands who contacted us to rock the fan meeting in occasion of the 40th band anniversary. Again it will be difficult for the organization team to make a choice!

All you outside there: have a great Christmas time and an awesome new year: As we read currently, 2013 will be an AC/DC-year ...!

Many thanks to our film crew!


Once again our film crew with Andreas Baum and Andreas Bungies were recording the entire action of this year's fan meeting in HD Quality. This time they put even more effort into it by increasing the crew to 4 people. Thus you can look forward to a great result that we will publish as soon as the rendering of the DVD is finished.

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Save the date: Oct 2013!

Safe the date: on October 18th and 19th, 2013 the next International AC/DC Fan Meeting will take place in Geiselwind. The organisational work has started already. So be sure that we`ll have a great party to celebrate AC/DC's 40th year of band existance!

250th DYNAMITE member

In Geiselwind a quarter of a thousand was reached: "Old School AC/DC Dynamite Fan Club" from Lüdenscheid (Germany) welcomes Member No. 250 - John Crawford from Kirriemuir!
Welcome gift was a fan package given by Mr. President Petersen and a well-sized can of AC/DC beer: Cheers John & welcome!!!

By the way: John is member of Kirrimuir's Bonfest organizing committee as well as a driving force in promoting the Bon Scott memorial statue project in Kirrimuir.

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What a wonderful Rock'n Roll weekend ... just f'ing unbelievable!
Thanks to all of you fans from Germany and those countless countries from all over Europe that joined us in celebrating the greatest band on earth! Thanks to those three awesome AC/DC tribute bands that literally gave everything they've got to rock the Music Hall. And a big thank you to everyone of the Strohofer team and all other helpfull hands that made these two days worth to remember. We hope to see you all back in Geiselwind on October 18/19 in 2013!

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page. We'll post pictures of the meeting, videos and the latest infos within the next days.

Your organisation team 2012!

Weather forecast for Geiselwind!

We hope that all visitors of the AC/DC Fan Meeting in Geiselwind have a safe trip to Bavaria. Take care and see you tomorrow "front of stage". By the way, here is the most recent weather forecast for Geiselwind ...

Tombola first prize
We proudly announce the first prize of this years tombola: an original drum skin played and signed by Chris Slade personally. In addition all members of his band "CS/SC" signed as well!
Many thanks to Jürgen ( who collected Chris's signature at a CS/SC concert in Austria this April (they also had a couple of beers together ....)!
Raffle tickets will be available throughout the Fan Meeting at the info stall of the oranization team!

50x CHEERS with our

international guests!

We are absolutely stunned that so many of you fans will travel from abroad to the International Fan Meeting in Geiselwind! As a little welcoming gift we will offer a free can of original AC/DC beer to each of the first 50 international fans that show up at our info stall. So come on over to us! We are looking forward to meet y'all and have a drink with you. CHEERS!

Strip Show - Cast your vote!

Our team is baffled and desperately needs your help! We are going to have a strip performance on Saturday night but we don´t know which song the two ladies should shake their legs to ... So login at Facebook until October 14, 12pm, and cast your vote on one of the four choices:

  • Let me Put my Love into you
  • Soul Stripper
  • The Jack
  • She's got Balls

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Info stall

We'll have an info stall at this year's fan meeting which will be located inside the Music Hall. Swing by and have a chat with members of the organizers team.

You will find plenty of interesting stuff like the history picture gallery and photobooks of previous fan meetings. T-shirts can be picked up, the 2012 patch will be available and raffle tickets can be purchased. Stonebreaker will offer photo and camera advice while members of the Dynamite fan club will inform about their activities. And we'll have a special surprise for our international fans (more info soon).

We are looking forward to meet you all in GEISELWIND!

Brand new: our Fan Meeting Video Trailer!


Online since yesterday: the official video trailer promoting the fan meeting and the AC/DC beer.
A big thanks goes out to the Karlsberg Brewery and the family "Spiegel" for their enthusiasm and devotion in realizing this project! CHEERS!