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Line Up 2018:

  • Band 1: WE SALUTE YOU!  (with Grant Foster from London)
  • Band 2: Hole Full Of Love
  • Band 3: Stinger

Line Up 2017:

  • Spell/Bound from Germany (Fr. 10/13/2017)
  • AC/DC UK from England (Sa. 10/14/2017)
  • Ac/Dc TRIBUTE NITE from Italy (Sa. 10/14/2017)

Spell/Bound from Germany

…a déjà-vu? Maybe - at least for AC/DC fan meeting visitors of the early years. Friday will be opened by a band that rocked the shed in 2012: SpellBound from Germany thrilled that year and we are absolutely sure they will impress again in 2017. The fan meeting organization team had the chance to look at SpellBound's setlist: You may be sure getting some pearls pushing every fan's heartbeat!

AC/DC UK from England

References? More than 400 Shows in 13 countries. A look at their gig list for the 2016 Dog Eat Dog Tour is already impressive: Forget about brEXIT - we decided for brENTER and proudly present first time in Geiselwind - directly from the British Islands: AC/DC UK. A powerful show made by five musicians will await you for a fulminating final on Saturday night!

Website: Opens external link in new window

Ac/Dc TRIBUTE NITE from Italy

An AC/DC tribute band with a pure Brian set? You gotta search for a while. We found it in Capriola, Italia: Ac/Dc Tribute Nite will present you a full-loaded gig from Back in Black to Rock or Bust on Saturday.

Wanna little taste?

Flick… Switch…. "The word is out that I'm about - And I've come gunnin' for you…."

Video by Ac/Dc Tribute Nite: Opens external link in new windowGUNS FOR HIRE

Line Up 2016

  • Big Balls from Germany (Fr. 10/14/2016)
  • Whole Lotta Voltage from Ireland (Sa. 10/15/2016)
  • Live/Wirefrom England (Sa. 10/15/2016)
  • Special guest: MARK EVANS (Fr./Sa.)

Line Up 2014

Chris Slade (with live/wire)

Chris Slade, drum legend and ex-AC/DC member, will hit the stage in Geiselwind on October 18th, 2014. Together with swiss band "live/wire" he is going to perform some of his greatest hits of the Razor's Edge era! Get ready for some amazing drum skills!

Of course, there will be enough time for an autograph and photography session!

Chris Slade's website:

Buon Scotch from Italy

Flashback to Geiselwind 2013: hardcore fans are standing in front of the stage, trembling knees and tears in their eyes. Did they just wittness the ressurection of Bon Scott?
Well, probably as close as it can get? Reason enough for us to bring Buon Scotch from Italy back on stage in Geiselwind on October 18, 2014!

Facebook: Opens external link in new window
YouTube: Opens external link in new windowDog eat Dog & High Voltage

live/wire - a Swiss Tribute to AC/DC

Since the very first fan meeting in 2010 fans from Switzerland pilgrimage all the way from the Alps to Geiselwind. Finally we are able to present a band from Switzerland as well: live/wire

You can look forward to an awesome show with a set list heavily influenced by the Brian era!

Website: Opens external link in new window

YouTube: Opens external link in new window

BON - The AC/DC Show (Berlin)

BON as opening act of GW 2014!

We proudly present "BON - The AC/DC Show" from Berlin as the opening act of the International AC/DC Fan Meeting in Geiselwind. The internationally well known band will honour the festival's 5th anniversary with a very special show that has never been performed before! So stay tuned for more information.
The ticket sale will start soon.

Bandwebsite: Opens external link in new window

YouTube: Opens external link in new window

Line up 2013

Line up 2012

Lineup 2011:

High Voltage
Black Thunder Ladies
King Bon
Big Gun

Lineup 2010:

Hole Full of Love
Dirty Deeds '79
Black Rosie
Black Thunder Ladies